TNR Special –
open to all neighboring counties of Barren County.
Must be a true feral cat, must be in a trap or hard shell carrier (NO cardboard boxes), must make an appointment and fill out TNR paperwork. All feral cats will have the ear tipped.

What is a Feral Cat? 
A feral cat is a cat that lives outdoors and has had little or no human contact. They do not allow themselves to be handled or touched by humans, and will run away if they are able. They typically remain hidden from humans, although some feral cats become more comfortable with people who regularly feed them. Even with long term attempts at socialization, feral cats usually remain fearful and avoidant of humans. Socialized pet barn cats do not qualify, however we do offer special spay/neuter vouchers, please call the shelter for pricing.

*Expires – November 1st while appointments last, first come basis